My iPhone?

September 18, 2008

So, I’ve had my iPhone 3g 16GB White for a week now. What are my reflections? It’s awesome. That’s right, awesome. I know some people who’ve fallen in love with their iPhones. I can say that I’ve become one, myself.

Let me tell you how a typical day revolves around my phone:

I’m sleeping. Then, my iphone starts to ring as the alarm I set last night starts going off. I reach up to where it’s sitting in it’s cradle next to my bed and hit snooze for another ten minutes. You know, 10 minutes pass so fast. It goes off again and I move a little slider to turn off the alarm. Pulling it from it’s cradle, I check my email in bed and respond to a few, if any. I’ll then sign onto the AIM app on the phone to see who’s online. When I do finally get out of bed, I turn to the iPod function of the phone and play music as I brush my teeth. As I get ready to change, I check the weather to see what the forecast says, right on the phone. Once dressed, I go to the calendar to see if there’s any extra appointments I may have forgotten about for the day. Then, I’m out the door. And that’s just for the morning.

Throughout the day, I’ve used Yelp to look up reviews of places I’m going or I’ve used facebook and myspace apps to post updates. I’ve used the Notes app to keep little tidbits of information when I didn’t have paper or pen. The Maps app helped me find some places and once I even got lost! HAHA. When I get bored, I go online and surf the web with the Safari web browser, or watch some movies or a drama I’ve encoded. I use the iPhone pretty much throughout the day and it’s with me all day long.

A gripe I’ve had is that the software still seems to get sluggish every once in a while and a restart is needed to freshen it up. Also, apps have crashed every once in a while, too. But these are minor quips when the rest of the phone offers so much.

I really enjoy using this phone. This is my birthday/Black friday gift this year. Usually, it’s a small shopping spree, LOL. But all I asked for this year was this phone. And I’m glad I was able to get one.


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