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Two Adieu Poem

July 17, 2008

Just wanted to post another poem that I wrote:

Two Adieu
i started to feel
like a real heel
because it’s a big, freakin deal.

see, i am in love
with two wonderful doves
that i think were sent from above.

ain’t that the worse part,
see it’s not quite an art
when i have to divide up my heart.

but it’s to these two
that i could not go through
with goodbye, fare well, nor adieu.

so here i do stand
as i try and demand
to get what my life has so planned.

that the time will be near
and that i should not fear,
i’ll know who that i have to hold dear.
-Brian Nguyen


Quiet in the evening summer

July 14, 2008

So, it’s finally come back to old times. Spending the summer evening in the quietness of my room, broken only by the noises of my backyard since when my window is open. And the occasionally playing of music from my computer. Haha. Oh yeah, I was a little bored earlier so I started to type randomly on my computer. I started piecing together some lines and started rhyming. Next thing I know, I’ve got a little poem going. Before I know it, I’ve spent half an hour looking up words to make sure they’ll fit. Anyways, here’s the little poem I wrote today. Enjoy:

like before when things were right
being silly and wonderful to each other
just the two of us up late at night
too much emotion for one another.
her words were softer in the dark
and her skin was smoother too
she was flawless, not even a mark
as soft and silky as fondue
a soft light came from early morning
that lit the way for me
but i should have seen the warning
that for this love to last would not be
a solution came inside my head
to lock this memory so
i’d leave her here on my bed
and turn and walk to go
away from her would be her best
even if i didn’t want
comparing her to the rest
wasn’t something nonchalant
she’s important to me oh so much
it’s the truth, i can’t deny
to tell you that she wasn’t such
would be for me to lie
i’ll try to stay a dear friend
even if that hurts me so
before i’d have to pretend
but now i just say, hello.
– Brian Nguyen (That’s me, in case you were wondering)

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