April 7, 2008

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve made a post. Random stuff that I just didn’t have a chance to post about. Let’s see what I can pull off the top of my head.

Spring break was pretty interesting. A whole bunch of the guys came back. We hung out for a few days. Mostly just random talking and stuff. It’s great just spending time with them again.

Been working on the PSP again. Updated to latest custom firmware and I’m running PS1 games on my PSP. I’ve never played Final Fantasy VIII before, so I’m taking this chance to play.

My futon mattress was beginning to go flat and hard, so I bought a memory foam mattress topper. It’s freakin awesome. Makes my bed so soft, I love it.

I’ve been out of my usual routine. I haven’t been reading, even though I should. I’m still on book 8 Dresden files while book 9 is just sitting there waiting for me. What’s worse is that Book 10 came out a few days ago. ARGH! I’m so behind. My list of books to read is growing more and more, while I read less and less. Not good. I’ll need to get on it!

For about two weeks now, I haven’t been following up on Asian Music or Dramas. That’s not a good sign. I went to check some of my sources today and there’s so much new stuff! Aish.

I wish I had faster internet than just DSL. Alas, I’m stuck. Oh well.


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