February 4, 2008

A macchiato is an Italian beverage. It literally means stained. There’s the caffe macchiato and the latte macchiato. Caffe macchiato is an espresso with foamed milk added. Whereas, the Latte macchiato is steamed milk with a little espresso added. The “stain” comes from the addition or foamed milk or espresso.

The Macchiato is my preferred coffee drink. Besides that, I’d also take Vietnamese coffee, a Cappucino, a Mocha, or a Starbucks Frappucino.

Macchiato is also a part of the name of a drama I’m watching. It’s a Taiwanese drama called Brown Sugar Macchiato. 6 guys find out their brothers and have to live together and attend a school for a year to get their father’s inheritance. It’s pretty funny.

Oh, I picked up my package from the post office. The complete series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. I watched about 6 episodes so far, it’s so awesome. Still have 138 episodes to go. That’s an insane amount of episodes. I’ll do it!


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