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Packages Galore

February 29, 2008

So, I’m supposed to be waiting for 3 packages in the mail. All are estimated to arrive around March 3rd. Well, they came early. I ordered two slip different cases for my Nintendo DS, which came yesterday. Then, this morning, I got my other two packages. One is my PSP back from getting the dpad modded so it controls better. The other package is the Angel Complete series collectors edition DVDs. Wow, what a great two days. It’s nice getting packages.



February 4, 2008

A macchiato is an Italian beverage. It literally means stained. There’s the caffe macchiato and the latte macchiato. Caffe macchiato is an espresso with foamed milk added. Whereas, the Latte macchiato is steamed milk with a little espresso added. The “stain” comes from the addition or foamed milk or espresso.

The Macchiato is my preferred coffee drink. Besides that, I’d also take Vietnamese coffee, a Cappucino, a Mocha, or a Starbucks Frappucino.

Macchiato is also a part of the name of a drama I’m watching. It’s a Taiwanese drama called Brown Sugar Macchiato. 6 guys find out their brothers and have to live together and attend a school for a year to get their father’s inheritance. It’s pretty funny.

Oh, I picked up my package from the post office. The complete series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. I watched about 6 episodes so far, it’s so awesome. Still have 138 episodes to go. That’s an insane amount of episodes. I’ll do it!



February 1, 2008

You know what, my last couple of post titles have been onomatopoeias. Did you notice? Zap, boom, and now sizzle.

Today was pretty boring. Went and bought some Panera Bread food in the afternoon. Man, I love their sandwiches. Headed home and watched Tuxedo with my parents. I then proceeded to watch more of Goong S, the korean drama I’ve been addicted to the last couple of days. At around 9PM, I drove to Mervyns. I have no idea why. I just didn’t feel like being at home and something was telling me to go to Mervyns. Maryann was working! So, I spent about an hour talking to her until the store closed. I left and drove around a bit before deciding to head home.

Oh yeah, I bought this throw blanket from Mervyns. For just $4, it was a steal. At first, I thought it was kinda ugly. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s got the whole woven yarn look. And it’s warm at heck. In fact, I’m convinced that this thing is generating it’s own heat, LOL.

I’m supposed to be at work at 10am. Seeing as how it’s really late now, I’m just gonna end up staying up all the way. I’ll have some coffee before I go to work. I need to go to the Postal Office in the morning before though. I have to pickup my package for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Entire Series. They wouldn’t drop it off without a signature and I wasn’t at home.

It feels good to be blogging again. Even if it’s mundane details about my day. But then, I realize that way back when I was blogging everyday, it was just about little things in my daily life anyways. So, that’s just fine.

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