January 30, 2008

Hmm, so how have things been lately? Let’s see.

Work has slowed down. Guess that comes with the times, seeing as how the holidays are over. I miss working with all my friends at the same time, now I’m lucky to even be working with a handful of them. I don’t get as much hours as I used to, but that’s ok. They usually call me up when they need help. Especially Susan, my old supervisor. She’s cool like that.

I’ve been watching more dramas again. I went back and downloaded the entire series of Duke of Mount Deer 2000 in Vietnamese. Wow, is that a good series. My mom says it’s not as good as the old Duke of Mount Deer. So, I went and watched it. I couldn’t get past the bad voice dub, nor, could I get past the first episode. BLEH. Oh well. I tried to finish Full House(Korean drama), yet again, but I only got in two more episodes this time and stopped at number 9. I switched over to watch Goong S.

I was completely into Goong, so the sequel, Goong S was a no-brainer to watch. It’s pretty good, though it hasn’t quite got me like Goong did. Se7en’s acting could be a little better, but it’s ok cause it is his debut. The thing that kinda bugs me is that the characters don’t show a lot of chemistry on screen. I want cuteness, LUST, anger, jealousy, and sadness to show on screen between the actors and I want it more naturally. I guess while watching it, you can feel that their just acting. Not fully believable. Oh yeah, in one of the episodes, the main character plays with a white psp. The old ones, not the new slim ones. I was like, “I have that PSP!” Then, they play the sound from the game he’s playing, which goes a little something like this, “WU-THAAAAW!!!” Instantly, I could tell right away that the sound comes from Tekken: Dark Resurrection, specifically from Law. Oh, come on, Tekken is my favorite game, having spent countless hours upon hours (upon countless hours!) practicing and learning different combos in that game. I had to check to see if my PSP was still in my room, cause it was just so similar to mine. Haha.

I picked up a hand crank flashlight at Fry’s today. They’re so cool. I wanted one ever since a couple of weeks ago when we were in Davis and the power was out. Alex was using a hand crank flashlight and I was playing with one that Lenny had. Those things are fun, you just keep cranking while you’re bored and you get light out it!

I’m gonna head back to Fry’s tomorrow and see if they have these retractable stylus’ for the DS. I bought some metal ones, but since they aren’t licensed by Nintendo, I’m afraid they might scratch the touch screen, so I’ll get the ones that are licensed.

Let’s see, what else.Oh, I’ve been having a huge craving for Chicken Nuggets lately. I’ll probably get some tomorrow. And I haven’t had Pocky in a while, too. Maybe that calls for a trip to Lion’s to check out their selection. It used to be huge! But, last I’ve seen, they seem to be downsizing it. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow.

Well, that’s all I can think for now. I’ll update when something interesting happens.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna stop with the:
and OUT.”
It’s about time I’ve stopped using that to end blog posts. I’ll just end it however I like. Aja aja! Fighting!

Holy crap. I was watching Goong S. The bad guys were trying to do an assassination hit on the Queen and the main character jumped and took the shock himself. CRAZY.


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