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December 12, 2007

I’ve been hooked on Dramas once again. In the last week, I’ve watched all of Goong and 1st Coffee Shop of Princes. And I’m just about to finish Hana Yori Dango!!! Yeah, I know, I’m hooked. But that’s ok. haha.

Fanime Hotel reservations went up today. My one friend might be going this year, so if he reserves the room, I might end up staying with him instead of having my own room. We’ll see.

Work at Mervyns has returned to normal for me. It’s great actually cause I’m so used to it. And it seems to be easier now. All of the upper management is on friendly talking terms, and they’re all on talking terms with me, so I know almost everything cause they all tell me. Most of them are my friends anyways.

In other news, I might end up NOT getting an 8800 GT. I’m not gonna be playing crazy games as often and I don’t think I can justify spending 200 bucks on one. I might end up getting an 8600 GT XXX instead, cause I can get one for 100 easy.

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