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Thanksgiving and Birthday

November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite among the tons of national holidays we have. It brings families together with good food. And having my birthday right around then is awesome, too.

Black Friday was insane this year. And I owe Chris Dizon for letting me stand with him, he was near the front of the entire line! People were getting psycho because we could spot people trying to cut. A group of chinese people behind us were getting ready to riot. But, we did make it inside alright. I picked up a second 19′ widescreen monitor, a sound card, and a Quad-core processor and motherboard bundle. That’s right, 4 cores!!! RAWR.

I went straight to work after all my black friday shopping, so when I got off work, I was dead tired having not slept for over 36 hours. Went to Ricks place to meet up with Raj as we headed out to dinner. When we got back, we played some games and then I was the first person to pass out. Lack of sleep is killer.

I celebrated my birthday Saturday night. I headed home for a shower first then called everyone up to meet at Elephant Bar. We had some good food then headed back to my place for some gaming and then talking till 2AM. Good stuff. Everyone headed home and I headed to bed.

Been a good break. The holidays are always a great time.

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