Mervyns BBQ

September 30, 2007

Yep, you read right, Mervyns BBQ. How strange, considering I don’t work there anymore? Haha. My friend Will, who still does, invited me to it. Free food! It wasn’t that bad either.

I finally got around to watching “1 Liter of Tears”. I got it from Andrew last year, probably around April. Having never gotten a chance to sit down and watch, I did last week. It was about midnight when I turned it on. Instantly, I was hooked! I watched till almost 5 in the morning! It’s so sad. I went to bed and got up 7 hours later to watch more! I got teary eyed so many times throughout the series. Then, the last episode came. That was probably the strongest episode, cause I was crying by the end of it. Man, it’s such an amazing story. I couldn’t help but consider Asou-kun as one of the few people who are worthy of being called human beings through their actions.

A few days ago, I was gonna buy new shoes but I couldn’t make up my mind. I put them on hold instead. Then, yesterday a sign hit me. haha. I was having dinner with some relatives at a Chinese restaurant. When the fortunes showed up, we all grabbed one. Everyone has those philosophical fortunes about luck and stuff. I had two fortunes in my cookie. The first was about being a charming person, which I thought was nice, so I’m charming, cool. The second said that I should treat myself to something special that I wanted. Hmm, that’s like a sign from above to go get those shoes. This morning, I got an email from Mervyns about a shoe sale going on. COME ON, this is getting so obvious now. lol. So, I went and bought the shoes. Yep.

UGH, I got a virus on my laptop again. I was trying to remove it the bugger, but it’s smart. To slow me down, it started to download spyware and popups. I looked up what the virus does, and it can track my passwords for banking and stuff. O_O. I shut off my laptop right away got to wiping and reformatting the drive. I got windows back and did security updates and stuff for about half an hour before I started installing my programs again. After three hours, I have my laptop back to full settings, everything the way I like it. I think that’s a record. It usually takes me a few days to set everything up.

anyways, I’m gonna go watch something on Youtube before I go to bed.

and OUT.


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