Chocolate Croissant

September 26, 2007

Well, today was a little weird. Apparently, everyone is really tired today. The last couple days were cold and wet, and then today feels hot. The change in weather has really put a strain on some people. I guess I’m one of them.

I got up and went to my first class today. I got there two minutes late, so I thought about sneaking in quietly. When I opened the door, everyone was staring at me. O_O. What the heck? Turns out, my professor hasn’t shown up yet. Strange, cause she’s never late to class. We wait another 15 minutes before she finally shows up. Wow, did she look dead. She was literally half asleep. So, we all pile in and she starts lecturing about the contrast of old america versus the new. Might have been interesting, except for the fact that she was mumbling the whole time and most of us were unconscious from boredom. LOL.

After class, I hit up one of the 6 cafes on campus. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Croissant. WOW, are those things good. I get them every time. They used the dough for croissants but don’t roll them, so it just puffs up real big. Then, they inject chocolate ganache into the center. YUM.

After my last class, I rode the shuttle back to my car and headed home. I was taking 680 home. This dude in a light blue 3-series comes outta no where and speeds past everyone, doing probably 100. I say 100, cause I myself was doing 80, lol. He was flying past me! Whatever. It was a long straightaway coming off a slope, so I could see his car for a long time. He passes a Civic Si and a Porsche, which both tried to speed past him. Now, the Si got left in it’s wake, partly cause the BMW has tons more horsepower. The Porsche, on the other hand, took revenge for us all. He shot pass the 3series with ease. It was kinda satisfying to see someone shut that guy up.

When I got home, my dad hands me a big envelope from the mail. It was the car brochure for the Civic Si that I requested from Honda. My dad goes, “Were you looking to buy it? I hear it’s stickshift only.” I told him it was stickshift only. He said too bad, cause I don’t know how to drive stickshift. I said he could teach me. He said yeah. But it’ll be a year or two before we can save up some money to get one. SCORE. In just 30 seconds, I was able to get my dad to think about getting me a new car and agree to teach me stickshift.

I was looking at my old posts on my old wings of light blog. Wow, did I post a lot. And by a lot, I mean often. I posted everyday to every other day. Crazy! I’m lucky if I can get in one post a week sometimes now. LOL.

anyways, I’m gonna go and listen to music. or read. or eat. or breathe. breathing sounds good. Although, so does eating. To breathe or to eat? I’m a multitasker, so BLEH.

and OUT.


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