Stuck at home.

September 16, 2007

So, my parents took my car to take my sister back to school. Therefore, I’ve been stuck at home all day. I couldn’t even go out to buy food. I just raided the fridge for stuff.

My dad complained that I listened to the same CD in my car for a while now. If you’ve been in my car, you’ll have heard my CD. I change it every few months or so. This one has been in there for a pretty long time now. Although, I kept it in there because I really like those songs. So, spent a few hours making a new CD today. Yes, it took me a few hours to make it. I actually hand pick the songs that go on the disc. Each one has something I really like about it.

After two hours of working on a CD, I got distracted with YouTube. There are old clips of Xman on there with Eng subs. In case you didn’t know, Xman is a Korean variety show that has music artists and entertainers on it. They’re split up into two teams, and then verse each other in a bunch of games. To win the show, you have to either win the most games, or locate the “XMAN”, or the saboteur of the show. It’s actually really funny. I spent almost 4 hours each day for the last week just watching clips.

So, I was thinking of getting a job again. No, I’m probably not gonna go back to Mervyns. I love it and all, but I’m passed them. I was debating between: Macy’s, Fry’s, or Bestbuys. Each place would be cool to work at.

Anyways, I’m gonna go and finish up my hw, bleh.

and OUT.


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