September 13, 2007

Let’s see. Today, for some reason, I felt more tired than usual. Just so you know, I don’t take naps in the afternoon. I do once in a while, but that would me I’m freakin tired. Makes sense, right? Well, I got home today after class and I was watching some Prince of Tennis, when I started to doze off. And it was the good part of the episode, too! I shook myself awake finding that the episode had ended. BLEH. So, I was about to restart it, but decided to just lie down and rest for a bit. Out of caution, I decided to set my alarm on the phone for an hour. BAM! I’m knocked out so fast, it was funny. LOL. My alarm woke me up an hour later.

I don’t really like doing that, cause it messes with my sleeping. Now, I’m up at freakin 3am! I don’t understand how some people do it. Like, one of my friends would come home at 3pm and go to bed and wake up at around Midnight. She’d then start her HW and stay up to go to school. After school, repeat. Insane! It’s like the night shift!

Anyways, that was my latenight rant. Please excuse any glaring weirdness in this post. It’s late and I’m tired, but felt like typing.

and OUT…[yawn]…[snore]


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