September 10, 2007

I didn’t do anything today! Sure, school, but that doesn’t count.

I got up and checked my email and junk like I usually do. Then, just kinda slowly got ready for school. Took me forever today, like an hour and a half just to get ready, when I’m usually set in 15 minutes. After class, I went and bought some food at Carls Jr. I thought I should eat in there cause I never do. It’s empty in there! There’s room for like, 40 something people to sit, and I was the only person there. It felt kinda lonely.

After indulging myself with a patty melt, which tastes downhome good, I headed home. I was on the comp visiting forums and posting for a few hours while my dad waited for my mom to come home. She didn’t get home till 6:30. Turns out, she went to get her hair done after work. haha.

So, how’s my progress with French and Piano. Well, French is really interesting, but it’s kinda boring learning it by myself. If only someone else would learn it with me, (hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge)anybody? Piano is cool, it’s a lot tougher than you’d think. I still have to really figure out how to read sheet music, and playing some of the stuff is hard, like Fur Elise is giving me a hard time. I’ll keep at it.

Hmm, half an hour before a cute korean girl updates me on kpop music. YAY.

Well, I’m off to post stir up commotion on some kpop forums.

and OUT


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