Come clean

September 9, 2007

Finally, after what seems like a month since I’ve moved into my new room, I’ve cleaned it up. It’s actually clean! NO FRAKIN WAY, right? Wrong, it’s clean. It took me 3 hours to clean. Haha. It’s gonna stay this clean for about…a week. Then, it’ll be messy again. Oh well, it’s nice for now.

Also, I finally put up my wallscrolls and posters. Ever since I moved into my new room, I haven’t put up any of my wallscrolls or posters. I just kinda left the walls blank for a while. So, while my parents were taking my sister back to Merced, I put them up in room. I have 5 Vertical wallscrolls, 1 Horizontal Wall Scroll, a vertical poster, and a horizontal poster. The great thing about my new room is that I have more wall space. So, I can probably fit on…probably 4 more posters/wallscrolls in the future. Yeah, I prefer not to have empty walls. I’ll probably end up printing pictures to post up, too.

Yesterday night was pretty interesting. My friends and I posting a lot on some kpop forums. Someone mentioned that somebody was stealing artwork and claiming it as their own. My friends and I did a little detective work, looking through members name lists and artwork posted on various websites. We were able to match up the stolen work with their owners, plus we were able to identify the thief on a whole bunch of forums! We started contacting Admins and Mods about the plagiarism, and the person was caught red handed. It was kinda cool, cause we were doing this in a bunch of forums at once. It was like, a internet wide kpop forums plagiarism manhunt. OWNED.


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