September 7, 2007

I got home late today and I was starving. My mom told me to go buy something to eat cause there wasn’t food at home. So, I head to Safeway. Seeing as this was my chance to make my own food, I thought I’d indulge in a little custom sandwich making. First, the Bread! I went to the bakery and got them to slice me up some nice fresh sourdough. Then, the cheese! I went for shredded Parmesan, you’ll see why. Finally, the meat! Now, here’s where it gets interesting. I went to the deli and got the guy working there to slice me up some Prosciutto Ham. That’s Italian ham that is dry-cured. The one I bought had been dry-cured for 230 days. Very nice. I was gonna get tomatoes and basil to make a Caprese, but I was too tired to get produce. No matter, the sourdough, parmesan and prosciutto was really good.

Aish, enough of my food rambling. On to something else. I was watching a Korean music video earlier. This little boy and little girl are playing together at a garden villa. The girl has to move away, so she gives him a little wooden bear ornament hoping he’ll remember her. Fast forward a bunch of years, and the boy is in high school and he still remembers her, looking at the wooden bear ornament every few days. He recieves a letter from her and even a picture of her. Fast forward once again! Now, he’s out of college and a success in life. He heads back to the garden villa. There, he wanders around and wonders what she’s like now. I was so rooting for the girl to show up right then. BAM! The door opens, and she walks in. YES!!!! I’m literally jumping out of my chair! haha.

Anyways, it’s late, so I’m gonna head to bed. Oh look, I made a rhyme. haha.

and OUT.


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