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Mervyns BBQ

September 30, 2007

Yep, you read right, Mervyns BBQ. How strange, considering I don’t work there anymore? Haha. My friend Will, who still does, invited me to it. Free food! It wasn’t that bad either.

I finally got around to watching “1 Liter of Tears”. I got it from Andrew last year, probably around April. Having never gotten a chance to sit down and watch, I did last week. It was about midnight when I turned it on. Instantly, I was hooked! I watched till almost 5 in the morning! It’s so sad. I went to bed and got up 7 hours later to watch more! I got teary eyed so many times throughout the series. Then, the last episode came. That was probably the strongest episode, cause I was crying by the end of it. Man, it’s such an amazing story. I couldn’t help but consider Asou-kun as one of the few people who are worthy of being called human beings through their actions.

A few days ago, I was gonna buy new shoes but I couldn’t make up my mind. I put them on hold instead. Then, yesterday a sign hit me. haha. I was having dinner with some relatives at a Chinese restaurant. When the fortunes showed up, we all grabbed one. Everyone has those philosophical fortunes about luck and stuff. I had two fortunes in my cookie. The first was about being a charming person, which I thought was nice, so I’m charming, cool. The second said that I should treat myself to something special that I wanted. Hmm, that’s like a sign from above to go get those shoes. This morning, I got an email from Mervyns about a shoe sale going on. COME ON, this is getting so obvious now. lol. So, I went and bought the shoes. Yep.

UGH, I got a virus on my laptop again. I was trying to remove it the bugger, but it’s smart. To slow me down, it started to download spyware and popups. I looked up what the virus does, and it can track my passwords for banking and stuff. O_O. I shut off my laptop right away got to wiping and reformatting the drive. I got windows back and did security updates and stuff for about half an hour before I started installing my programs again. After three hours, I have my laptop back to full settings, everything the way I like it. I think that’s a record. It usually takes me a few days to set everything up.

anyways, I’m gonna go watch something on Youtube before I go to bed.

and OUT.


Chocolate Croissant

September 26, 2007

Well, today was a little weird. Apparently, everyone is really tired today. The last couple days were cold and wet, and then today feels hot. The change in weather has really put a strain on some people. I guess I’m one of them.

I got up and went to my first class today. I got there two minutes late, so I thought about sneaking in quietly. When I opened the door, everyone was staring at me. O_O. What the heck? Turns out, my professor hasn’t shown up yet. Strange, cause she’s never late to class. We wait another 15 minutes before she finally shows up. Wow, did she look dead. She was literally half asleep. So, we all pile in and she starts lecturing about the contrast of old america versus the new. Might have been interesting, except for the fact that she was mumbling the whole time and most of us were unconscious from boredom. LOL.

After class, I hit up one of the 6 cafes on campus. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Croissant. WOW, are those things good. I get them every time. They used the dough for croissants but don’t roll them, so it just puffs up real big. Then, they inject chocolate ganache into the center. YUM.

After my last class, I rode the shuttle back to my car and headed home. I was taking 680 home. This dude in a light blue 3-series comes outta no where and speeds past everyone, doing probably 100. I say 100, cause I myself was doing 80, lol. He was flying past me! Whatever. It was a long straightaway coming off a slope, so I could see his car for a long time. He passes a Civic Si and a Porsche, which both tried to speed past him. Now, the Si got left in it’s wake, partly cause the BMW has tons more horsepower. The Porsche, on the other hand, took revenge for us all. He shot pass the 3series with ease. It was kinda satisfying to see someone shut that guy up.

When I got home, my dad hands me a big envelope from the mail. It was the car brochure for the Civic Si that I requested from Honda. My dad goes, “Were you looking to buy it? I hear it’s stickshift only.” I told him it was stickshift only. He said too bad, cause I don’t know how to drive stickshift. I said he could teach me. He said yeah. But it’ll be a year or two before we can save up some money to get one. SCORE. In just 30 seconds, I was able to get my dad to think about getting me a new car and agree to teach me stickshift.

I was looking at my old posts on my old wings of light blog. Wow, did I post a lot. And by a lot, I mean often. I posted everyday to every other day. Crazy! I’m lucky if I can get in one post a week sometimes now. LOL.

anyways, I’m gonna go and listen to music. or read. or eat. or breathe. breathing sounds good. Although, so does eating. To breathe or to eat? I’m a multitasker, so BLEH.

and OUT.


Weekend Past

September 24, 2007

Last Friday, Arthur came back from Merced. He was like, let’s hang out. He came over for a bit. I got him to show me how to play Fur Elise correctly. He also gave me a bunch of sheet music. We chatted most of the time. After a bit, he left for dinner with his family. He came back later, lol. We went to Alex’s house and grabbed him to go to Fry’s. There, we checked out a whole bunch of stuff, like keyboards, games, and computer stuff. After that, we headed to Starbucks in Milpitas. Me and Arthur got drinks and we sat there talking for almost two hours. We decided to play badminton the next day at Smash City. The funny thing was that none of us knew where it was at. Arthur said to invite John since he knew.

I had a feeling John wasn’t gonna go, so when I got home, I looked up Smash City and it’s location. Saturday morning came and we were all up and online before 10am. Arthur and Alex drove to my house, and then we all went in Alex’s car to Smash City. Man, that place is weird, it’s kinda hard to find. We got there about an hour or so after it opened, and it was CROWDED. Each of us paid and we just kinda stood around for a bit. Alex was checking to see who was finishing up games so we could get their court. Alex asked some Indian players how long they were gonna take. They said they had one more game and then they’d leave. So we waited and they finished and left. At first, it was me and Arthur versus Alex just messing around. After a while, these two Chinese guys asked if they could play doubles with us. So we started playing, and then they had two other girls show up with them. So, we started tagging in and out for doubles. After a while, a court opened up so they left, and it was back to just Alex, me, and Arthur.

I took a quick break and checked my phone. I was supposed to have a doctors appointment at 2:30pm. Turns out, they had a power outtage and called everyone to cancel. I told Arthur and Alex that I was open for the rest of the day. Arthur had to go home to eat lunch with his mom and brother, and invited me and alex. When we got to Arthur’s house, he found out that they already ate, so it was just us who needed to eat. We headed to Kang Nam Tofu House. There, we all ordered soft tofu soup to warm us up since it was cold and had rained. We headed back to Arthur’s house afterwards. We played DS for a while. It was pretty funny. First was some airplane game, which I sucked at. It was funny ganging up on each other. Then, we played Brothers in Arms. THAT WAS GREAT. We were gunning each other down. And we were throwing grenades at each other from just a few feet away. And shooting rockets, too. After that, Arthur showed me and Alex some game trailers. Alex started falling asleep, and I was feeling woozy. Most of us didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Although, I think Arthur did. lol. So, Alex headed home, and Arthur gave me a ride home on the way to the library.

Arthur’s back in Merced now, and Alex went up to Davis. I’ll have to wait till Thanksgiving/Black Friday/My Birthday to hang out with them again.


Stuck at home.

September 16, 2007

So, my parents took my car to take my sister back to school. Therefore, I’ve been stuck at home all day. I couldn’t even go out to buy food. I just raided the fridge for stuff.

My dad complained that I listened to the same CD in my car for a while now. If you’ve been in my car, you’ll have heard my CD. I change it every few months or so. This one has been in there for a pretty long time now. Although, I kept it in there because I really like those songs. So, spent a few hours making a new CD today. Yes, it took me a few hours to make it. I actually hand pick the songs that go on the disc. Each one has something I really like about it.

After two hours of working on a CD, I got distracted with YouTube. There are old clips of Xman on there with Eng subs. In case you didn’t know, Xman is a Korean variety show that has music artists and entertainers on it. They’re split up into two teams, and then verse each other in a bunch of games. To win the show, you have to either win the most games, or locate the “XMAN”, or the saboteur of the show. It’s actually really funny. I spent almost 4 hours each day for the last week just watching clips.

So, I was thinking of getting a job again. No, I’m probably not gonna go back to Mervyns. I love it and all, but I’m passed them. I was debating between: Macy’s, Fry’s, or Bestbuys. Each place would be cool to work at.

Anyways, I’m gonna go and finish up my hw, bleh.

and OUT.



September 13, 2007

So, my dad took my car earlier today. BLEH. I was stranded at home. I wanted to go out and buy something to eat, but no, I have no way of going. I turned on some anime to distract me. Then, my dad came home early to drop off my car. SCORE. I got in and picked up Andrew and we headed to IHOP in Union City. IHOP is pretty good.

Oh, I had to buy some ink for my printer. I wanted to print a picture, but both color and black ink were low. A trip to STAPLES and I was set.

Hmm, nothing much today.

and OUT.



September 13, 2007

Let’s see. Today, for some reason, I felt more tired than usual. Just so you know, I don’t take naps in the afternoon. I do once in a while, but that would me I’m freakin tired. Makes sense, right? Well, I got home today after class and I was watching some Prince of Tennis, when I started to doze off. And it was the good part of the episode, too! I shook myself awake finding that the episode had ended. BLEH. So, I was about to restart it, but decided to just lie down and rest for a bit. Out of caution, I decided to set my alarm on the phone for an hour. BAM! I’m knocked out so fast, it was funny. LOL. My alarm woke me up an hour later.

I don’t really like doing that, cause it messes with my sleeping. Now, I’m up at freakin 3am! I don’t understand how some people do it. Like, one of my friends would come home at 3pm and go to bed and wake up at around Midnight. She’d then start her HW and stay up to go to school. After school, repeat. Insane! It’s like the night shift!

Anyways, that was my latenight rant. Please excuse any glaring weirdness in this post. It’s late and I’m tired, but felt like typing.

and OUT…[yawn]…[snore]



September 10, 2007

I didn’t do anything today! Sure, school, but that doesn’t count.

I got up and checked my email and junk like I usually do. Then, just kinda slowly got ready for school. Took me forever today, like an hour and a half just to get ready, when I’m usually set in 15 minutes. After class, I went and bought some food at Carls Jr. I thought I should eat in there cause I never do. It’s empty in there! There’s room for like, 40 something people to sit, and I was the only person there. It felt kinda lonely.

After indulging myself with a patty melt, which tastes downhome good, I headed home. I was on the comp visiting forums and posting for a few hours while my dad waited for my mom to come home. She didn’t get home till 6:30. Turns out, she went to get her hair done after work. haha.

So, how’s my progress with French and Piano. Well, French is really interesting, but it’s kinda boring learning it by myself. If only someone else would learn it with me, (hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge)anybody? Piano is cool, it’s a lot tougher than you’d think. I still have to really figure out how to read sheet music, and playing some of the stuff is hard, like Fur Elise is giving me a hard time. I’ll keep at it.

Hmm, half an hour before a cute korean girl updates me on kpop music. YAY.

Well, I’m off to post stir up commotion on some kpop forums.

and OUT

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