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Early last day

August 25, 2007

So, a big surprise hit me today. I came into work just a little anxious to check my schedule for the next week. You see, I’d turned in my two weeks notice last week. So that meant, I had one week left of work. That’s when I realized. You don’t work at all your last week. That’s Mervyns policy. That meant today was my last day of work. WHAMMY!!! I went and told a whole bunch of people. Man. After work, I went around saying bye to a whole bunch of people. They were all sad that I was leaving. I guess it does suck, cause I really do like Mervyns and the people there a lot. I’ll come back a visit a lot. hehe.


Another post, GASP!

August 17, 2007

GASP, indeed, GASP, indeed. Haha. Yes, I’m actually trying to keep this blog a little more updated than before.

So, for the last couple days, I’ve been moving stuff around in the house. My sister is leaving for school in a few days, so it’s about time we started clearing her room. Actually, I’m moving into my sister’s room. If you’ve ever been over to my house, you’ll know that I have the smallest room in the entire house. Now, I’m moving into the second largest room in the house, complete with it’s own bathroom! YESH!!! And I found out that my futon bed is HELLA heavy. Haha. So, I’ve got a large room finally, and what do I do, I fill it up with stuff!!! LOL. Some of my sister’s stuff is still here, but we’ll clear it out once she’s fully gone.

What’s up with work? Well, I turned in my two weeks notice today. That’s right, I’m leaving Mervyns. It’s almost two years now, I think it’s time that I move on. I’m gonna miss everyone there a whole bunch. They’re all awesome people. I remember that whenever I talk to my friends about Mervyns, I don’t refer to them as co-workers, I called them my friends from Mervyns, yes, Friends. I will miss them dearly. My last day will officially be the last day of August.

Anyways, I’m gonna go watch Prince of Tennis. It’s so awesome!

and OUT.


Beach Trip

August 13, 2007

So, here is it, yet another blog. Man, that last one didn’t, well, last very long did it? I guess it really was a temporary blog. I haven’t been in the blogging type of mood for the last couple of months. What with me not putting one blog post in nearly three months and all. Well, I’ll try to make that not happen again. I’ll work on posting something up, even if my life is so freakin boring as it already is. Oh yeah, finally got the “” url back under my name, WOOT!


On Sunday, a whole bunch of us headed to the beach. I got up at 7am to prepare and at around 8:30 I went around and started collecting people. We were going in two groups/cars. In my group was me, Arthur, John, Alex and Amy. I picked up Arthur first and then swung over to John. Arthur gave Amy a call saying we were going to pick her up. Let’s just say she threatened to hurt him, so we headed to Alex’s house first. From there, we went to Safeway for orange juice, coffee, and a quick stop at the donut shop. We headed to Amy’s house and got her after that.

John was the one driving and Arthur had the position of navigator. Highway 17 is crazy! So, our group arrives before Lenny’s group. We walked around the arcade a bit while we waited for the other group to buy/bring food. The other group finally shows up, consisting of Lenny, Jessica, Yi and Ray, and we chowed down! Pizza, sushi, and sparkling apple cider on the beach front. We had a whole bunch of Vietnamese stare at us munching. We had random antics while eating, like pretending to get carded for apple juice and Lenny and Ray falling in the sand with wet sunblock.

After eating, we grabbed our gear and staked out a spot on the sand. Arthur’s beach umbrellas provided awesome shade. The Stripping commenced as most people got ready for the water. I took off my flip-flops, took two steps, and ran back to the umbrella. The sand was FREAKIN hot. Gathering up my nerves, I ran down to the water’s edge. We just kinda ran around in the water for a bit. Alex was sad cause his geometry ball was getting all sandy as we chucked it around. It’s ok, Alex.

After mucking around in the water for a while, we headed back to the umbrella to dry. Instead of just standing around, we played football. Again, the sand was FREAKIN hot. It was funny. We’d all be standing around in flip-flops. Hike, and we’d run like weirdos. Once the ball was thrown and caught, you’d be out of your flip-flops so you can run. After getting tagged, you basically ran back to your flip-flops cause your feet was burning! Insanely funny, what with me and Amy’s truce to cover each other/stand around. Good stuff.

Arthur and John took a stroll around the boardwalk for a bit, while the rest of us just kinda laid around under the umbrella. Alex, Amy, me, Lenny, and Ray all kinda fell asleep. I could hear Jessica and Yi talking the whole time, though. After who knows how long, Arthur and John came back. We took turns leaving to get changed, and then we packed up the gear. Laser Tag was on our next agenda. It was awesome. Yi wanted to stick by me, but I lost her 30 seconds in. Arthur shot me like, 5 times! I scared some dude by accident, and he screamed and ran away before I could shoot him.

We all headed back Fremont for Elephant Bar. That was my first time at Elephant Bar. Good stuff, the desserts are freakin huge! I didn’t have any dessert, cause the slice of mud pie scared me, and I was so full I couldn’t feel my legs. After eating, we were trying to decide if we should go watch the meteor shower, but people started heading home instead, so we all ended up leaving, too. All in all, it was a great day. I got to hang out with friends that I usually only get to see once a year. Schools starting up real soon, so I probably won’t be able to see most of them for a while. I’ll miss them. I’d been really excited about this beach trip, cause for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working a lot and had summer classes. It was the perfect chance to just relax and have fun. And I did, and I thank all of them for letting me join them.

Anyways, I’m gonna go and re-sort something. Haha.


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